Corporate policy

HP FABRICS promotes a culture of quality by implementing and promoting a corporate policy that summarises the aims, principles and methods of implementation and related responsibilities.

Corporate objectives

The objectives of HP FABRICS quality policy pursue:
“A constant improvement and adjustment of commercial, technological, qualitative and production performance of the company, to strengthen relationships with existing customers and to acquire new ones.”

Implementation principles and methods

HP FABRICS is committed to implementing a “Quality Management System” compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Its implementation, employment and observance are governed by the “Macro-flow of corporate processes” shown below.



Corporate planning

Corporate policies and mission
Corporate strategies
Context analysis and stakeholders
Risk and opportunity assessment
Quality objectives
Resources management

Production processes


Offer management, order management, customer management and acquisition


Design and testing


Supplier selection, supplier evaluation and raw material purchase


PTH assembly, SMD assembly, tests and trials, coating and resin coating


Debtor management, credit management

Ongoing improvement

Non-compliance management
Corrective actions management
Ongoing improvement

Performance assessment

Corporate indicators
Internal audits
External audits
Customer Care
Management review



The General Management is responsible for:
• Setting quality objectives and the time needed to achieve them.
• Establishing the organisation, means and resources needed to meet the objectives set.

Functional Managers are responsible for:
• Meeting quality objectives within the required time frame.
• Coordinating and engaging all the internal or external resources involved in achieving the objectives.

Internal or external resources are responsible for:
• Applying and complying with the requirements and actions to achieve the objectives.


HP FABRICS is ISO 9001:2015 certified by SQS – IQNet bodies.


HP FABRICS is ISO 9001:2015 certified by SQS – IQNet bodies.

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